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Complete Hail Damage Repair That Makes All the Difference

Hail is one of the most extreme weather phenomenons there is. These chunks of ice that fall from the sky can be no bigger than a marble or the size of a baseball. However large they are, they all can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. When they do, bring your car or truck into Heart City Toyota Collision Center for auto body repairs that can restore your vehicle like new. Our highly trained, ASE and I-Car Gold Class-certified service technicians have the time, tools, knowledge, and experience to handle any damage. Call us today for your appointment, and let us return your vehicle to pre-hail condition, fast.

closeup of windshield repair tool

Repairing Hail Dents

At Heart City Toyota Collision Center, we use various state-of-the-art tools and techniques to remove hail dents from your vehicle. We have perfected our professional repair methods over time and offer hail damage restorations for all areas of your vehicle, including your hood, trunk, roof, windshield, auto glass, and more. Simply leave everything to us, and we’ll make your vehicle look beautiful once again.

Comprehensive Hail Damage Repair Services

Other auto body repair shops offer hail damage services that restore certain sections of your car and then add expensive additional services to handle the rest. That’s not us. At Heart City Toyota Collision Center, we give you the full range of hail damage restorations you need during your appointment to get your vehicle back in perfect condition and out on the road. Our complete array of helpful services includes:

  • Full Auto Body & Auto Glass Repair
  • Dent Removal
  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
  • Windshield Replacement
  • Windshield Crack Repair
  • And more
hood of car with hail damage

The Benefits of Hail Damage Repairs

Some drivers consider hail damage to be minor and something they can live with. The truth is, hail and other auto body damage can weaken the exterior of your car and make your next collision worse. By getting full auto body and auto glass repairs with Heart City Toyota Collision Center, you not only get a full restoration, so your vehicle is stronger and looks like new, but you also have access to additional benefits:

  • Thorough Multi-point Inspections
  • Direct Billing to Insurance
  • Written Lifetime Guarantee
  • Available Deductible Financing
  • Online Repair Appointments
  • Online Auto Glass Repair Quotes
  • Top Quality Workmanship
  • And more

Contact Heart City Toyota Collision Center for Hail Damage Repair

You can’t predict the weather. But with expert hail damage repairs from Heart City Toyota Collision Center, you can count on your vehicle coming back to you in off-the-lot condition when you need it most. Schedule your appointment today.

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